Friday, March 21, 2014

Sydney Commercial Cleaning

As a local Sydney based business operating here for 10 years, Liberty Commercial Cleaning is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for members of our community. Throughout our business, we implement steps to reduce contaminants and use environmentally-friendly chemicals that are “green” and safe for people and animals.

A Green Commercial Cleaning Company

Our commitment to our community and the environment starts with our team of cleaners, who are trained on various eco-friendly cleaning processes and techniques that reduce reliance on harmful, harsh chemicals.
We train our cleaners to properly and efficiently use environmentally responsible cleaning products for optimal use of resources and safety. Green cleaning includes improving cleanliness and supporting infection control by eliminated harmful bacteria and molds while using products that are safe for everyone.
Your company can benefit from a honest, eco-friendly cleaning from a commercial cleaning company that uses green products and are experts in clean cleaning processes.
  • Employees trained in green cleaning processes
  • Environmentally friendly safe cleaning products
  • Infection control including removal of bacteria and molds
Contact us to discuss healthy professional cleaning services for your company or institution.
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