Friday, January 3, 2014

Power of the Cleaning For A Reason Review

At Cleaning for a Reason Cleaning, we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service possible.  Our mission is, to always exceed customer expectations with our friendly, professional, affordable guaranteed cleaning results. Hopefully by now you would have seen some of our reviews on our website or on social media such as Google Plus.  We take a lot of pride in these Sydney carpet cleaner reviews or in Google reviews and very much appreciate our customers taking the time to leave them.

Did you know that on average, most customers read about 2-10 reviews before making up their mind about a business? We have quite a few more than that and think that our carpet cleaning reviews are exceptional.  Having said that we assume that other Sydney carpet cleaners probably have similar reviews.  However not a lot of carpet cleaners have multiple reviews on multiple review sites.  Upon investigation it seems that, reviews are not at all easy to come by.  So much so that there is a thriving black market where you can buy testimonials for your business!! Reviews are powerful, they can make or break a business.  How many times have you checked Urban Spoon or Yelp before choosing a restaurant and been swayed by the experiences of past customers reported in their reviews? Many of our customers tell us that when searching “Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning, or Office Cleaning Penrith etc”, they chose Cleaning For A Reason, because of the testimonials on our website. In fact some studies have shown that 52% of consumers agree that positive reviews made them more likely to chose a business, as opposed to 28% who chose a business based on location or price.

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