Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why Choose us?

"Cleaning For A Reason”  is  a  Family Owned and Managed Cleaning Company that is still SMALL enough to care about quality ,Yet BIG enough to provide a wide range of Cleaning services [Employs More than 35 Professional cleaning staff.]
“CleaningForAReason” is arguably one of the most trusted cleaning service providers owing to its quality service provided in many areas including NSW and Sydney. Although the company is not a multi-billion dollar unit and does not have thousands of employees but in terms of service provided it is no less than the likes of every top flight company in its own domain.
The following 7 fold aspect shows as in why “CleaningForAReason” has the rightful reason to be in the pinnacle:-
Proficiency: Trust our professional expertise to tailor an office cleaning program to meet the needs of your companies. We will have a thorough discussion about what kind of office cleaning that you want, especially focusing on those areas of building requiring extensive cleaning. You will no longer worry about cleaning your office so that you can concentrate on your work.
Hands-on service: Managers and supervisors from “CleaningForAReason” is well versed in their domain and knows very well how to deal with customers. They will only make sure to solve a cleaning issue even before a question arises.
Constant Performance: When we take a responsibility we make sure that it is followed to the tee and that’s why every day performance from our team is guaranteed.
Quality: This is one aspect where we do not compromise even half a percent. Be it any work, the quality standard is the same. Even our clients have the full permission to check our Quality Management Services.
Personal Service: Our services are designed in such a way that there is a personal touch in everything. We believe that whenever there is a sense of warmth in a service, the efficiency doubles.
Workforce: Professional staff management services are there to make sure we have a well maintained staff force so that the efficiency of work is well maintained.
Training: Efficiency and results only comes with proper training. Certifications in professional cleaning and management are provided to all our employees to maintain our level of service.

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